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Our Opening Plenary and Keynote is on January 12th at noon ET in Kresge Auditorium.

  • We're excited to see you all for our Opening Plenary in Kresge Auditorium at 12:00pm (noon) EST on Friday, January 12th, 2023. The Grand Opening will be livestreamed on YouTube.
  • We're super excited to all you planetary theorists soon! Here's some updates and clarifications:

    Tim Tickets: If you do not have an MIT ID, you can register for a Tim Ticket at Once you do, you can use the MIT Tim Tickets mobile app to access your Tim ticket, which will open exterior doors after 7pm on Friday and over the weekend.

    Liability Waiver: Only in-person / on-campus solvers need to fill out a liability waiver. In addition, there was a question about whether this was only for minors, since there is a spot for “Parent / Guardian Signature”. If you are signing this for yourself, just sign in the spot on the left that says “Releasor Signature”, and leave the “Parent / Guardian Signature” blank. If you are signing for a minor, then the minor signs on the left under “Releasor” and the parent / guardian signs on the right under “Parent / Guardian Signature”.

  • We sent (or will have sent soon) the following update to team captains:

    Health and safety: We'll cover the guidelines at kickoff at Kresge on Friday. Everyone on your team should either attend in person or watch the livestream/ recording before participating to ensure they're aware of this policy and adhere to it throughout the weekend.

    Liability waiver: As a team captain, we need you to ensure everyone in your team including yourself sign this waiver before participating in the 2024 MIT Mystery Hunt. (LINK)

    MIT 2024 Minor policy highlights from liability waiver: "Minors attending the event will be at classrooms with parents/guardians at all times, and will not attend event puzzles / field puzzles or interact with Mystery Hunt staff members." We interpret this to mean minors may walk around campus, be in classrooms, including Kresge auditorium, as long as they're with a guardian, but may not attend Events, or otherwise interact with Hunt staff.

    We're really excited about this weekend - please remember that all our actions will reflect on the Mystery Hunt as a whole, so let's stay safe and responsible both for our own sakes and for the sake of everyone who loves the Mystery Hunt and cares about its future.