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This is the registration form for the Mystery Hunt 2024. Please have only one person on your team fill this form out!

You only need to fill out required fields (*) at minimum to create your team, and you will have an opportunity to provide updated information in the future by logging in. You can omit any questions whose answers you don't know yet or just fill them in to the best of your ability.

If you have further questions about registration, feel free to email us at

Primary contact

Mystery Hunt staff needs contact details of one person designated as the primary contact, just in case we need to talk to someone on your team directly.

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Help us understand your team better.

Team base

Note: Due to MIT policy, teams will no longer be allowed to solve in classrooms on campus from 1am to 6am each night.

We are no longer accepting requests for classrooms.

Team composition

Each year, the Mystery Hunt writing team must have at least two current MIT undergraduate or graduate students to effectively organize on-campus logistics. In order to facilitate this, teams anticipating having a chance of winning the Hunt are strongly encouraged to have at least two student members.

Other information

For Fun

As part of your registration, we are asking for your input and assistance! We have observed some sections of the sky with our telescope in need of constellations. Pick one of these sky views, orient as you like, and show us a constellation you see. You do not need to use all the stars. (You can click each image to open in a new tab.) This is a creative exercise, and is not a puzzle.

Here is one such constellation our intern has proposed:

Putting on a world-class puzzle event is expensive. Is your team interested in making a tax-deductible donation to help defray the costs (opens in a new tab)?